An Exercise in Honesty

Over a month ago I turned 45 years old. The law of averages for the life of the American male dictates that I am halfway through my journey to Heaven. I beg to differ on that last bit because if God would give me the deciding choice in the matter, I’m here until 200. I love life, what I don’t love is technology, yet it is more normal and necessary now more than ever insomuch that if you are not up to date on the latest gadgets, software, trends, etc., then life is passing you by. I am being left behind, lol!

But, why? When did this change? Why does technology dictate life. I remember one time as youth pastor taking my kids to the mall for our annual Christmas shopping/Ice Skating outing and the whole ride was silence. Oh, there was conversation going on, just virtually…literally like sitting next to their buddy and conversing without saying a word…verbally. Mind blown.

I heard a guest speaker accurately say that with more and more technology available, we are losing and have lost the ability to communicate effectively.

Perhaps amidst this coronavirus “pandemic” there are hidden blessings from our God and Father that if we slow down long enough and listen we can receive. Several of my beautiful families in my congregation have described the noise of children playing again outside on their yards in the evening in their neighborhoods instead of being a computer like I am right now. People “forced” to stay home, families “forced” to stay together in the same house while this pestilence passes by. Silver linings? absolutely!!! Our great and mighty God has wisdom beyond our understanding, and as Perfect Father and Savior, He knows us better than we know ourselves, whether you like it or not. And He knows what is best, period. I love His wonder, I love His lack of boundaries, because don’t ever think that He can be figured out or completely understood. I am in awe of Him, and I love His love for us shown through His Son, Jesus Christ. I hope that you know Him and love Him as He loves you. This mess going around, dangerous? Sure. Bigger than God….NEVER!

I still loath technology, but I love the One Who takes all of this, and all of us who know Him and works His wonders to bring humanity face to face with Jesus!

Jesus is LORD!

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